About us

WHY Newbee?

Newbee is a slang term in Mandarin, which represents dope and awesome. We hope that our customers can be amazed by our product design and quality, and say newbee! that would the highest recognition, affirmation for us.

Our stories:

Established by Ean and BK in January 2021. Before this, we have accumulated a lot of experience in designing and manufacturing electric skateboard accessories. We built the first gearbox for evolve boards back in 2019. However, we are not totally satisfied with it. Ever since we've been improving and innovating on the design.



Our core spirits:

we are committed to providing the best and most ingeniously designed accessories for DIY Eska8ters. so that they can shred as much and hard as they want. at the same time, we value rider feedback very deeply.

We are born for DIY Eska8ers!


Our plans:

At the current stage, we are continuing to improve and optimize our 4-gear gear drive that's developed by yours truly. it'll be adapted to channel trucks, DKP, and RKP. we will also launch a lineup of precision CNC hubs to match our gear drive. in the future, we will produce our own motor, truck, ESC, Remote, and deck