About us

Why Newbee?

Newbee is a slang term in Mandarin that conveys a sense of being dope and awesome. We aim for our customers to be amazed by the design and quality of our products and exclaim "newbee!" as the highest form of recognition and affirmation.

Our Story:

Founded by Ean and BK in January 2021, Newbee has roots in the design and manufacturing of electric skateboard accessories. Having previously crafted the first gearbox for evolve boards in 2019, our journey has been marked by continuous improvement and innovation in design.

Core Spirits:

Our commitment lies in providing the best and most ingeniously designed accessories for DIY Esk8ers, enabling them to shred as much and as hard as they desire. We highly value rider feedback, considering ourselves born for the DIY Esk8er community.

Our Plans:

Currently, we are focused on enhancing and optimizing our 4-gear gear drive, tailored for channel trucks, DKP, and RKP. Additionally, we will introduce a lineup of precision CNC hubs to complement our gear drive. Looking ahead, we plan to produce our own motor, truck, ESC, remote, and deck, continuing to push the boundaries of electric skateboard innovation.