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Pentagram XS (4)

Price for 4 rims.

$305.00 $320.00
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Rim lip

We offer two options for the Rim's lip this time

Please don't forget to choose the bearing spacer, link here

The bearing site is tight-fit, take bit focus press the bearing in

1. Round lip

Roud lip allows those super fat tires can be well stretched. But only fit 6-8 inches. (for street rider)

2. 9''lip

9" lip allows you to put big wheels on! 6-9 inches, no problem :) (for mountainboard rider)
Even some 10 inches can fit too!


The pentagram hub is the ultra-lightweight alloy hub on the market, each hub only weighed 320 grams (included hardware). 



Pentagram hub is CNCed by 6061-t6 aluminum.


Hub Compatibility:

MBS truck/ Trampa truck/ Lacroix truck / Surf-rodz

Moon drive

etoxx drive

BN M1 drive

Fit any MBS styles belt Pulley too :)



Outer width: 60mm

inner width: 56mm

Hub Diameter: 110mm