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RTKP 330mm

RTKP Truck for moutain board deck/ Price for one truck


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Hanger color

The price is for one truck.


RTKP  is our patented design, it stands for reverse twin kingpin trucks, which included a master and a salve kingpin. Riders can place the bushing either in 2 or in 3 to satisfy different scenes. Carving, jumping, and Racing!!

Link for bushings :riptide accessories


  •            Hanger length 330mm 
  •            With the length of an axle 458mm
  •            Weighted 800g including all the hardware
  •            Full CNCed by 7075 Alloy
  •            Riptide caliber pivot
  •            22mm*22mm mounting shape

Design in detail: 

Check out this video if you'd like to know this truck better.

Riding Clips:

How to choose bushings (References only)