Helical 4GS intall guide

Notice!!! to avoid damage the gear drive, please follow the steps below!  



******Require Blue loctite and Red loctite******

1.  Please check the screws pack, it included 

  •   8*m4x12mm count-sunk 
  •  10*m4x35mm hex head 
  •  10*m5*30mm flat head 
  •   8*grab screws 
  •   2 spare big o rings, 4 small o rings


2. Part need: 

  • CNC claws
  • 2* rear hubs
  • 10*m4x35mm screws 

(Depend on user if they would like to install the rubber in first) Insert the screws through the claw, and tight them

 3: Part used: 

  • matrix truck 
  • clmaps 



         Remove the axle grab screw first


 (Recommend apply some Red loctite on the clamp inside surface ) then slide in the gear drive clamps

Notice:*Both clamps flat side must facing you 

              *Screw hex head is facing down 

4: Disassembly the gear drive motor bracket. 


Notice!!! Right side helical motor gear must rotation down!!!(As shown in the picture) 

5. Insert the hub and gear (install the 3d printed pad after finished assemble the gear drive )


6. Insert m5*30mm screws for the gear drive (keep it loose)


7. ** Red loctite require *****

Put gear drive in vertical position. Press the clamp, ensure it  slide to the bottom. 

loctite the m6 screws, then insert it into the clamp, one hand press the clamp, meantime another hand tight the clamp screw. After that user can tight the clamp screws.




Notice, User must ensure bearing thin side is facing up (shown in the picture)

*******Must use blue loctite for mounting the motor******
*******Motor shaft must apply red Loctite*******
*******4 motor gear grub screws must apply red loctite******

9. Install the motor bracket

10. Repeat the steps above for the left side 


Things need to attention:

Motor bracket angular bearing must thin side facing up.

Please check O rings in right place as shown in the pictures