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44/11 4GS drive

Price is for a pair

-Black-8mm keyway-Mbs matrix3-A001810

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4th Generation of 4GS!!

  • Aluminum parts are CNC'd from 6061-t6.
  • Gears are POM with the exception of the motor pinion, which is metal.

Our gear drives are compatible with:

  • RTKP, Apex Airs, Luna 350s and other 22x22 hangers
  • 20x20 3DS hanger
  • MBS matrix 2
  • MBS matrix 3
  • Lacroix Hypertruck

Our wheel adapters are compatible with:

  • MBS mounting pattern wheels (MBS rockstar, five stars, pentagram, impaler, DM1)

Product Description:

The NB Helical 4GS is a next-level gear drive for EMTB. They're a novel design that maintains compatability with most hubs and trucks on the market. Unlike standard gear drives, the NB 4GS will provide you with the most smooth gear drive experiences on the market. It's so smooth and quiet it's hard to tell that you're riding on gear drives!

Why 4 Gears?

  • Our 4 gear design can extend the lifespan of the gears since it improved the gear contacts and split the transfer power between the two slave gears!
  • 4 gears will give you a super quiet riding experience. Most of the noise you hear during the ride is from the motors!
  • 4 gears can provide you with a smoother riding experience than traditional 2-gear setups. 
  • The 4GS drive gear position is fixed, so all the gears mesh perfectly. This keeps the gears healthy and reduces the chances of incorrectly setting them up. 
  • During an efficiency test of the new 4GS, we were getting an average energy consumption as low as 10Wh/Km!(6384, 8-inch tire, rider weighted 75kg) 

Shock Absorbing Hub Adapters:

  • The shock absorbing pad was specifically designed to reduce the impact from your hubs to the gears.
  • This also acts as a quick release for the hubs, making tire changes a breeze.

Muti-bearing design:

  • 6 angular contact bearings to keep the gears spinning nicely along with one single sealing bearing on the casing to keep debris out. 

Hard anodized surface:

  • All aluminum parts is hard-anodized which the top surface is more stronger and durable.

Installation Guide:

Motor gear install tips:

Maintain Guide:

4GS test ride video:

Install video done by other youtubers:

Part Manifest:

Notice: stepped down shaft won't compatible with our pinions 

Each gear drive includes:

  • 55t POM gear *1
  • 11t Motor gear (8mm with keyway, 10mm no keyway) *1
  • 21t Pom slave gears *2
  • 6711-2RS bearing  *1
  • 71808c bearing *1
  • 71801AC bearing *4
  • 71803AC bearing *1
  • M4-8 stainless hex head *5
  • M4-30 stainless hex head *4
  • M4-16 stainless hex head *4
  • M4-18 12.8 grade steel hex head *5 
  • M4-12 stainless hex head*5
  • M6-30 stainless hex head *1
  • M4-10 grab screws *1
  • M4-4 flat head grab screws * 4