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This is a Smart protection board specially designed for battery packs of.It can be applied to lithium batteries with different chemical properties, such as lithium ion, Li-polymer. Lithium iron phosphate, etc. The protection board has strong loading capacity and the maximum continuous discharge current can reach 80A.

  • 7s 10S 11S 12s 13S 14S 15S 16S 17S  series cell protection for Lithium Battery pack (15*4.2=63V 12*3.65=43.8V Lifepo4 battery pack example ),BMS can automatically detect Battery series   with different connection methods
  • Various protection functions for charging and discharging ( over-charge , over-discharge ,high or Low temperature protection ,over-current protection , short circuit protection etc ) with double layers protection hardware and software protection .
  • Precise SOC calculation with SOC function of automatic learning
  • Automatically charge battery function or static balance function for the battery system
  •  With Built ion Bluetooth Module
  • With TVS upgrade to prevent Mosfet shock in certain degree to provide more reliable current for your device
  • with ON /OFF switch function ( we can add it if client needs )
  • With preserved RS485 communication port ,ISDN connection port 
  • With 3 road external temperature detection  and one internal Temperature detection .

Model 1:

  • Support 7s-14s
  • Common port, 30a current maximum, 90a peak current.
  • Size: 63mm*52mm*12mm

Model 2 :

  • Support 10s-17s
  • Common port, 20a current maximum, 60a current peak.
  • Size: 102mm*65mm*10mm